Die Filzlaus - Beate Bossert

In 1990, i was able to fulfill my long-standing desire to learn working with wool. I tried spinning and weaving and finally ended up felting, which captivated me and to this day fascinates me with its infinite variety and potential.
My own work is dedicated to the diversity of felt, which still surprises me with new possibilities after all these years. Felt is not absolute, it lets you work it in various ways, appreciates perfection as well as experiments, and displays charm in lush colors as well as simplicity.
This is exactly what I want to convey with my work: To expand the picture from solid, "rock-"hard felt to elegant weightlessness (e.g. scarfs), with all the other interesting variations in between that are possible with this material.
Especially interesting for me is the contrast between hard and soft, deceptive illusions; the misleading of the senses, which are expecting the hard coldness of stone and instead are caressed by the warm softness of felt.